Worship, Music, and Community Ministry

Welcome to Christ Lutheran!

Have you sometimes wondered how worship and music are strongly connected? One cannot do without the other. Sunday worship reminds us of God's goodness, promise, and presence in our lives, and music allows this outlet for us to praise God's grace and commitment and to feel God's presence in our lives.

Our weekly worship services emphasize God's love and grace and how we can see God's overflowing love for us daily. God offers us love, and we, in turn, are expected to love each other. God offers us grace, and we are expected to show grace to each other. As Lutherans, we understand the tension of being both saints and sinners, and we understand that we couldn't help ourselves but only by God's grace can we have eternal life.

At Christ Lutheran, the focus of readings and sermons is on growing in our understanding and discipleship in different ways. We look deeply at scripture and what it means for us as followers of Jesus.  The themes for the sermon are tied together and lifted up through selected music pieces. Our music director, Lim Forgey, selects from an array of liturgical and contemporary music. Lim spends extra time working with choirs, cantors and soloists to ensure all singers perform at their best. Not to worry, if you feel you can’t carry a note, Lim is happy to work with you.

All elements of worship work in tandem; prayer, confession, music, scripture, sermon, offering and communion. These all "bring forth the focus on God's love and grace for God's creation. Through this tandem partnership, Christ Lutheran uplifts the Spirit of God in all of us, and we are encouraged to uplift others as well.

We all have a way we connect best with God. Maybe it's communion, maybe it's prayer, maybe it's music. Whatever it is, you are welcome here."