Covid-19 Worship with Christ Lutheran

We worship in the sanctuary on Sundays at 10 am with safety measures in place. Masking and social distancing is required. Worship is modified to keep all people safe. 

With the ongoing twists and turns of COVID-19, it seems that our "new normal" is that we rarely know what to expect from week to week. Thank you all for your flexibility and good cheer at this time. Please maintain health protocols and do your best to stay safe, whether at home or if you need to go out.

We will do our best to NOT shut down the church building. If you're feeling anything less than in tip-top condition or health, please do not come to worship. 

In the event of in-person Worship CANCELLATION:

If in-person Worship and/or Bible study is canceled, we will send out a text message and an email alert to all Members, Attenders and Staff. Those who do not have cellular or internet access will be notified by phone.

We will meet on Zoom at the appropriate time using the regular Zoom Worship link. Due to privacy, please send us an email to request a link.

Our IN-PERSON worship services will be streamed on Facebook

Click this link to join us on our Facebook page:

You may log in, but you do not need a Facebook account to watch - the live stream will be in public view. We hope that the live presentation will add to our sense of community by including those who cannot worship with us in person.

Worship service recordings are also available on our YouTube Channel. Click here to go to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Helpful links:

Click here to download Zoom - It's free!

Main WA State COVID-19 website:

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